Writing has been a part of Jan’s life since age nine, when she submitted a poem to the children’s poetry section of the Hartford Times newspaper and promptly received her first rejection. But, what a rejection! — a hand-written letter from the Poetry Editor encouraging her to continue writing and to continue submitting. It made such an impression, she saved the letter and treasures it to this day, a reminder that we cannot know or decide how an individual, especially a child, will develop. This lesson became obvious as Jan got older and realized her first poem was neither interesting nor well-written; therefore, the Poetry Editor could not have suspected that she might someday become a writer. Still, he was convincing in his praise.

As an adult, Jan founded the Open Circle Writer’s Group. She joined the Connecticut Authors and Publishers Association in 2005, and organized the first Big E Book Store for this organization in 2007.

Jan is the author of Cruising Connecticut with a Picnic Basket, a day tripping, picnicking, and recipe book published in 2006, with 2nd and 3rd Editions published in 2008 and 2012. During this period she presented over 200 book talks about the joy of discovering leisure time activities in CT.

How I Won the West: A Journey of Discovery, a travel/memoir was launched in December, 2014. Once again her two passions, writing and travel, came together. The first was day tripping in one state; the second, a road trip across the country concentrating on our national parks. Each one is about satisfying a lifelong wanderlust, and a desire to enrich her life through new discoveries.

Although Jan has resided in Venice, Florida since 2012, she travels back to Connecticut regularly for book appearances and to connect with friends and family.