Part Two: How to Communicate With the Most Important Person You Know

Yesterday I talked about journaling being my favorite method of communicating with myself. Today, I will present an equally effective method ‒ talking to ourselves out loud.

And no, this doesn’t mean if we begin talking to ourselves we have suddenly become daft!

A few years ago, I was driving alone and suddenly words popped out of my mouth. They actually startled me since I was never one to talk to myself. Although I don’t remember exactly what I said, I do remember being impressed with how relative the words were to what I was thinking. Since then I have made a conscious effort to use this method of communicating with myself when I am not in a position to write, such as driving alone or even when I am relaxing at home and want to take a break from writing.

When we hear words come out of our mouth we engage a different part of the brain that gives us more clarity. We are more logical and reasonable with our thoughts. Talking out loud to ourselves is similar to having a conversation with a friend. We have to draw a line from one thought to another in a coherent way, rather than at random such as talking in our head.

Think about the times when you were talking with another person and said something that struck you as important or meaningful. This reminds me of the time I confided to a friend that I really wanted to spend some quality time in England. I promptly ignored the statement, categorizing it as wishful thinking, just like I had been doing for years. Yet, when I made a similar statement to the same friend a year later, I actually paid attention. I asked myself, “why not” and somehow I was able to arrange an entire summer traipsing through the Country of my ancestors.

Our thoughts, when stated out loud, have a far better chance of becoming reality rather than merely thinking about them where they often get lost among the other 60,000 thoughts swirling around in our head?

Let’s be smarter than Edgar Allen Poe. Instead of spending so much time living in our head, let’s give words to our issues either out loud or on paper so we will have complete clarity with all our amazing dreams and goals.