What Are AHA! Moments?

The first definition in the Merriam Webster Dictionary says AHA is a moment of sudden realization.

It sometimes happens when I pick up a magazine or a book with a message that seems to have been written just for me. It happens when someone in my life makes a casual remark that causes a gut feeling. Or it may be a random thought while taking a shower, waiting at a red light or drifting off to sleep. However or whenever they hit me, it is a power I have learned to take seriously.

While I call them AHA! Moments, you may call them a eureka moment, a light-bulb moment, a WOW moment, a gut feeling. I like some of the terms a class at the Suncoast Technical College came up with recently: an awakening, a break-through moment, a spark that gets ignited.

Many people believe that these messages come from God, Angels, Spirit, or The Universe. Whether we believe in these higher powers or not, we must believe in our intuition, a feeling or knowing that something needs our attention.

What if these AHA! Moments are answers to what we have already put out into the Universe. Like the Law of Attraction, whatever we send out, either consciously or unconsciously, is what comes back to us. For example, I didn’t realize that I needed a new creative endeavor in my life when I picked up that book from the library shelf and went on a spontaneous Spring Wildflower Hunt, but in retrospect, it was exactly what I needed.

Because that was my most powerful AHA! Moment, from that day forward I made it a point to pay careful attention to all my AHA! Moments. I attribute them to many of my travels ‒ the number one passion in my life. In fact, I devoted a chapter in my travel/memoir to these messages.

Wherever they come from and whatever they are called is unimportant compared to what we should do with them: Listen to them. Trust the voice within, the one in your head that whispers or occasionally shouts at you to do something. Allow it to lead you to a path that could quite literally change your life, just as it did for me.

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